Tumbler Heat Press: Creating Sublimation Tumblers With Ease


Irrespective of any other different opinion on the matter, sublimation tumblers are a pretty cool invention. Tumblers have a remarkable function, but the concept of sublimation tumblers makes it all way cooler. One of the ways to carry out the sublimation process on the tumblers is with a tumbler heat press.

If you’re looking to go into the business of making sublimation tumblers for sales or as a form of DIY, it’s best to know what exactly to look out for in a tumbler heat press.

Factors to consider when buying a tumbler heat press

We’ll be looking at several things you’ll need to know before parting away with your money to buy a tumbler heat press.

Why do you need it?

The question may seem as though it is redundant, but sometimes you need to take a step back to evaluate why you’re making a purchase. Buying a heat press means you’ll be making a significant number of sublimation tumblers. If yes, are you starting a business?

The whole idea is to see if the heat press will be an asset to you in the long run or a liability. You’re better off buying the heat press if the machine can somehow pay for itself.

Size of the heat press

These heat presses come in various sizes, and for good reasons. It should all depend on the manufacturing scale you intend to use it for. Now you see why the first question was relevant. If you intend to produce a large quantity of sublimation tumblers, you’re better off going with a bigger heat press machine.

However, manufacturers understand that people may want to create their sublimation tumblers as a pastime activity. As such, there are smaller sized machines you can settle with.

Reputation of the seller

No one likes to waste money. A good way to ensure you get your money’s worth is to get a quality heat press and to ensure it gets delivered to you. Both of these hinge on the integrity and reputation of the seller. Like any other transaction, do a little research on the seller before making payments.

It’s easy to research a seller with an online presence because they’ll leave footprints. Look out for reviews and comments, and see how well the seller communicates. Also, check how they respond to defects—how willing are they to make an exchange or proffer a solution?

What’s your budget?

The best way to answer this is to be realistic and honest with yourself. The last thing you should do is to invest in something that’ll put a hole in your pocket. So, draw out a workable budget and choose a heat press that falls within the budget. There’s nothing wrong with starting out with a smaller sized machine before scaling up as orders or the business increases.


Sublimation tumblers are a beautiful functional tool to have around. They help store liquids and add a touch of style to your fashion. One way to make them is with a heat press. The article gives a safe guide on how to buy one if you have a need for it. This way, you’re sure of getting the best and value for your money.


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