How to Troubleshoot Pressure Water Pump Failures


While pressure washing machines enable us to do extraordinary cleaning at home and for businesses, it is essential to know different parts of a pressure washer and how to troubleshoot a problem when it happens. This article features how to rectify a pressure washer’s pump when it fails.

Just like any other home appliance, a pressure washer pump is also likely to face some issues while working. For example, as you use it continuously, it is often prone to wear and tear, and when in bad condition, it won’t work effectively and deliver the results as desired. In such an instance, you need to diagnose a possible problem and make the required repairs.

Check out the following problems and how you can solve them with ease.

Possible pressure washer pump issues and how to rectify them.

  • A running pump with no water flow

Sometimes, you can notice your pressure washer runs as desired, but there is no water flowing through it. You need to examine the pressure washer’s pump in such a case. First, you need to try the flood suction. After the suction, the pressure washer is likely to return to normal functioning. However, if the issue persists, there is air in the pump interfering with the flow of water.

At this point, disconnect the hose pipe, then do a flood suction to the hose, then restart and run until there is no more air trapped inside.

  • Low pressure

A pressure washer relies on high pressure to ensure perfect cleaning services. However, when the pressure is low, you need to examine the pump and locate possible causes of low pressure.

Sometimes, the issue could be a nozzle that is worn out. You cannot repair a nozzle but buy a new one and replace it. However, when buying, you must ensure you pick the right size that matches the requirements of your pressure washer. Again, another possible issue could be lying in the belt, which is slippery. This means that you need to get a new belt and replace it. When you examine and replace these parts, the pressure will go back to normal.

Note: When doing any replacement, always ensure you pick the right size and shape to fit your equipment.

  • Leaking oil

Another issue that can cause pump failure is when the oil leaks. In the end, it won’t function adequately as required, and you need to examine the possible cause. First, check the piston rod seals and the O-shaped rings for possible worn-out issues. You don’t repair these parts other than replacing them to regain normal functionality.

  • Inappropriate noise

Sometimes, your machine can produce an unusual sound that isn’t okay. This implies air leakage in the inlet or on the suction hose. Troubleshoot this issue by removing the suction and checking whether it is loose or filled with dirt inside and clear.


A pressure washer can function properly when each section operates normally. Always consider the above tips and work on them appropriately whenever your pump fails.


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