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Lena has ten years of experience in the lifestyle industry. He has worked as a personal trainer, nutritionist, and wellness coach. Ryan is passionate about helping people achieve their health and fitness goals. He believes that anyone can reach their potential with the right combination of knowledge and hard work.

Advantages of Single Board Computers

Single Board computers are single circuit computers where everything is controlled from one point. These computers are becoming popular in small and large businesses because of their advanced and less complicated technology. Many brands offer...

Tumbler Heat Press: Creating Sublimation Tumblers With Ease

Irrespective of any other different opinion on the matter, sublimation tumblers are a pretty cool invention. Tumblers have a remarkable function, but the concept of sublimation tumblers makes it all way cooler....

Reasons You Won’t Regret Having a Multifunction Bed

A multifunction bed is a great investment. You get the comfort of a bed, the convenience of having multiple functions, and the ability to save space in your home. If you're...

Tips to Consider When Choosing a Mobile App

There is a lot of competition in the mobile app market, which makes it difficult to create a unique and successful app. However, if you have an idea that can be monetized,...

Buying Lightning Cables for the First Time: What to Know

Tech companies are now making some of the highly-constructed devices on the market today, and a good example is the lengthy lightning cable that you buy separately for your Apple devices. Since most cables...

What We Should Know About Ultrasound Tech

Ultrasound technicians often have flexible hours and can work for a private physician's office or diagnostic imaging clinic. The job demands good interpersonal skills. There's a high demand for ultrasound techs, and there are...

How to Troubleshoot Pressure Water Pump Failures

While pressure washing machines enable us to do extraordinary cleaning at home and for businesses, it is essential to know different parts of a pressure washer and how to troubleshoot a problem...

China and US tech crackdowns set the stage for the next phase of competition...

Scott Bade is special series editor of the TechCrunch Global Affairs Project and a regular contributor on foreign affairs. He's a former speechwriter for Mike Bloomberg and co-author of "More Human: Designing a World...

India police charge Amazon executives in marijuana smuggling case – TechCrunch

Police in Madhya Pradesh, a central state in India, have registered a case against executive directors of Amazon India in connection with alleged use of the e-commerce marketplace for smuggling of marijuana in the...

Contracts first, Clubhouse rooms second – TechCrunch

Welcome to Startups Weekly, a fresh human-first take on this week’s startup news and trends. To get this in your inbox, subscribe here. During the garage-stage and Zoom-room days of a company’s life, fluidity is...

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